5 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know


You cannot overemphasize the wonders of a great massage. After getting all worked up with daily activities, a solid rubdown is highly beneficial for improved blood circulation. Other benefits like anxiety relief, muscle relaxation and better sleep quality can be derived from a massage. You need to get much knowledge about some factors that promotes the effectiveness of a massage therapy to avoid an awkward experience, potential pain and wasted cash. Below is a list of some advice from certified massage therapist – Massage514, that can guide you to have the best massage experience.

#1: Take a warm shower before massage

You really need to get your body ready for a massage experience. A warm shower is just appropriate to relax your mind and muscles. This helps to lower any form of tension that may impede the work of the massage therapist. Moreover, cleanliness is usually advised to mitigate any form of insecurities that may ensue.

#2: Drink plenty of water after the massage session

Water is an essential component of the body occupying about 75% of the body cells. A massage can actually cause dehydration of the body tissues. This effect is likened to that thirsty feel after a workout session. Rehydrating the body tissues after a massage session is helpful for sustaining healthy muscle tissues, as toxic metabolites that are produced in the body during a workout are flushed out of the body.

#3: feel free to breathe

Avoid being tensed and stiffened up during a massage especially when major body parts are involved. A relaxed state permits easy and steady breathing enhancing the supply of oxygenated blood. Try not to hold your breath especially when a particular bad knot is being worked out by your therapist. Relax and enjoy great benefits of a rubdown.

#4: Have your fitness workout before a massage

Massage therapists always recommend a massage session after your scheduled run, workout or fitness class before a massage session. This prevents the muscular fatigue and strain. Moreover, you run the risk of injuring yourself and being famished when you engage in a workout after a massage. Before a deep work, it is advisable to wait for 12-24 hours after a massage to permit healing of worked out muscles.

#5: Consult to suit your style and need

Not all therapists can give you your desired treat, so be specific in your area of needs whether for relaxation, deep tissue injury works or other massage benefits. This will guide the receptionist in consulting a suitable massage expert that would render the best service, ensuring maximum satisfaction.


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