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Five years and two months, thats how long I have been married to my wonderful husband. Nine months, thats how long we have both been sleeping with other women, but not behind each others backs. Oh no not us, we sleep with these women together.

We Love Threesomes

Yes you’ve guessed it we are into threesomes. And we both love inviting another woman to join us in our bed, or on the couch or in the jacuzzi or pretty much anywhere we feel like having sex. But where do you find these women to have three ways with I hear you ask.

Well thats easy to answer, adult sex finder dating sites which you will find online if you type in adult dating sites into your preferred search engine, or try threesome dating websites. You should see a lot of these dating sites on the first page of the search engine, and I would suggest you join about three or four.

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Join a Few To Begin With

The reason I recommend joining a few at first is so you can go through each adult sex finder site to see which one best fits your requirements. You can join most of these sites for free at first which gives you the opportunity to look around each site.

Once you’ve decided which one you like best I suggest you now join as a paying member to communicate with other members and to arrange dates. Yes you have to pay so don’t be such a scrooge and reach for your credit card. These sites have to charge to keep the services they offer up to date, plus they need to earn an income just like you and I do.

Meet Up For Sex

Adult sex finder sites offer couples and singles the chance to meet up with other members to have sex with. That is what they were created for and that is what they do, and they do it very well. We are currently members of three adult dating sites and two swingers dating sites that we use all the time to meet new and exciting sexy and sometimes kinky playmates.

If your curious about threesomes or just Bi curious why not try out one of these adult sex finder dating websites, doesn’t matter if your single looking for a couple or another single person, or even if your a couple seeking woman or a couple seeking a man, join one of these sites and you will find plenty of sex seeking members waiting for you inside.

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