Do’s and Don’ts when hiring a body massage service at home or hotel.


In today’s world, everyone is busy in making life and property. There is no time to think about health or relax which in turn affect us a lot. In order to get relief from day to day anxieties, people used to get massaged. Male to female or Female to male Massage is a very good solution of our problems in busy life. Many massage parlours and massage services endow masseurs by fixing online or offline appointments at home/workplace/or hotel. But there are some rules and regulations in every country for getting massaged. It is even banned in some countries like Saudi Arabia. Anyone can fix an appointment for the body massage service at home in delhi or hotel. Before the massage session, you must be aware of these Do’s and Don’ts.


  1. Be Punctual – Get ready at least fifteen minutes early for your appointment. You want to be sure to get your full time as well as do all the paperwork prior to your appointment.
  2. Verification of Masseuse/Masseur(Person who gives the massage) – It is very necessary to check that the person who is going to give you the pleasure of massage is the same person from massage company with whom you have fixed the appointment.
  3. Hotel’s Rules and Regulations – Go through the hotel’s rules and regulations brochure carefully prior to your appointment in the hotel room. In some hotels, massage is not allowed.
  4. Shower Before Your Session – It just makes your experience better.
  5. Turn your cell phone Off – Massage is the time of complete relaxation. So that any call or message couldn’t be an obstacle at your pleasure.


  1. Don’t be handcuffed to speak up if you are feeling uncomfortable, tell everything clearly to the therapist.
  2. Don’t forget to endow a tip the masseur/Masseuse if you liked his/her massage.
  3. Don’t be rude
  4. Don’t drink liqueur before your session
  5. Don’t forget to tell about your major surgeries or injuries to the masseur
  6. Don’t undress in the front of a masseur, you can go on the other sides of curtains or in another room.

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