I was listening to a couple of men that were sitting next to me on a flight quite recently. Their conversation was extremely interesting. I do not normally listen in on other peoples conversations, but in this case I made an exception. One of the guys in question had decided to have time alone and time with each other each travelling to see the other a couple of times a year. It seemed to be a great solution for this particular gentleman as he was jolly and relaxed saying it was the best thing they could have done and with a little planning it seemed to be working out for the best for both of them.

Clearly my ears pricked up. Any middle aged man that is travelling on his own in Spain is my prime target market for my escort agencies. Rich enough to travel frequently and have two homes, and spending lots of time away from his wife’ Ideal for my high class escort girls to entertain I would have thought. But while my business juices were prompted, I was much more intrigued by the conversation than by the prospect of making a few extra euros. No, that is not entirely true. I did slip both him and his gentleman friend a business card for Puerto Banus escorts as we were getting off the plane. Well, what do expect? I am a professional Madam, after all!

Obviously I did not get his wife’s perspective as she was waiting in the UK to meet him. However from the overheard snippets of conversation I had no reason to think that the arrangement was not working for both of them. So far so pretty normal I hear you say. Yep I agree, however let me now tell you what gentleman number two was saying as he chatted to his travelling companion. He agreed that you don’t necessary need to be in the same location as your partner all of the time to have a successful relationship. In fact he was living a life that has a couple of similarities with it seems one large exception. He too was travelling to the UK to see his long term partner. It seemed that they had been together for over 12 years and that he regularly returned to the UK to see her. However as she had children from a previous relationship when they met she had not really considered moving to Spain to be with him. And this seemed to suit them both perfectly fine.

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