Fun Ideas For Valentine’s Day That Would Make It Special


Do not let Valentine’s Day plans ruin your financial plan. With these valentine’s ideas for him, the day of love can be fun without unbalancing your budget.

The person who said “love costs dear” did not know much about love. Great arrangements of flowers, expensive jewelry, and giant stuffed animals are the stars of February 14, but the gifts can be replaced by these fun and free ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day and will score points for being creative, romantic and out of the box. Show that special person how much you love her without spending money! If you are a lady you can plan ahead with these Valentine ideas for him.

Take A Free Class Together

Learning something new together and having hobbies in common will bring you closer. Take advantage of this Valentine’s Day to take that kind of dance class that your partner has always wanted to take, a DIY workshop to make your own furniture together or a gardening course that will help you two relax in your free time might be a good idea as well.

Eat By Candlelight

It sounds a little trite, but a romantic dinner at home by candlelight will always be a safe card to celebrate the day of love, especially when you are short of money. Prepare your partner’s favorite dish (or get it delivered at home if cooking is not your thing), light some candles and prepare the atmosphere with music and some flowers, scented candle helps too. Extra points if you have a terrace or rooftop for dining overlooking the stars! Isn’t this a great valentine idea for him to cherish? Throwing in a sexy post bath striptease isn’t a bad idea either.

Prepare A Hot Bath

How many of you do not dream of arriving home on a Tuesday and just relax after a long day at work? When Valentine falls on a weekday, a safe bet is to stay home and go to bed early. A perfect gift for these days of stress is to receive your beloved with a bath in the tub with hot water, salts, and candles. You can relax together while enjoying the bath with a glass of wine.

A Trip By Car

While Valentine’s Day this year is celebrated on a Tuesday, there is no reason not to celebrate it on the weekend. Pack your backpacks and go for a ride on a road trip somewhere you have never been to before.

If you did not know what to do this February 14, now you have some good Valentine ideas to have a great time without having to go into debt buying expensive gifts. Remember that if you have a budget and you are following a debt payment plan you should avoid using your credit cards, so you better hide it so as not to be tempted to spend overmuch. 

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