How to ask him some flirty questions over a text


Let’s face it – sending a flirty message isn’t the most comfortable thing which can be done by a certain person, and because of the social standards and norms, doing it as a woman feels even like a bigger burden than it actually is. But in a fact, nowadays many man and women are understanding why we as humans are in need to develop a certain communication when it comes to sex, since it is all a part of the game which is based over mutual understanding and sharing good emotions for each other’s. Along this article we will help you break the ice, by explaining you how and why you should text him a flirty message, which will help you insert something more engaging and exciting in your life, or maybe, the simplified version – it will help you catch up with a guy who is not sure if you are sharing some emotions for him. But before we get started with the technical aspect, we must provide you a few important things which will be of a great benefit for you when it comes to following the next steps. But if besides this you are willing to continue with an already made pattern full with ideas, you should click on the following link and choose the best option

Get a self-esteem boost

Most of the girls which are afraid to make a step such as this one are too afraid that they will get ashamed afterwards, or that what they’ve written previously, won’t coexist with their real life desires. But first of all, you must understand that you should feel good along this act, and you shouldn’t worry. And that the only way to do an activity such as this one is by being sure that the guy behind the phone wants to hear something such as the text you are looking forwards sending him. So by this, be aware that you aren’t supposed to send a sexy message to someone just because you feel like you are obligated to do it in order to be a good partner, or because you are feeling too horny and you aren’t understanding that the implications once a message is written can be as same as the ones in real life. But when it comes to the self-esteem, you must remember that you must work over self-acceptance in the first place, and second, by having a long term partner, or getting engaged in a sexual way with a close friend, you will be able not to feel bad about yourself and have some self-esteem issues. Once you are able to go through this, without the fear of being rejected, you will be able to express yourself in a sexual way on the best possible way, meaning that sending some flirty text messages won’t be a problem for you at all. But if besides this, you are feeling like you need more information over the act of flirting itself, in order to determine how far are you allowed to go with the written words without the need of transforming the message into a cringe emotion, you should click here and read the provided information.

Keep in mind that the implications are the same

When it comes to writing messages, many people aren’t understanding that the written words will be having a great implication in the real life as well, and that in a fact, writing something is as same as saying it into each other person’s face. But of course, when doing this, you can try the writings in some other forms, since once you are able to be present in front of person’s face, you will be able to flirt on some other ways which aren’t involved when texting, such as the look in each other’s eyes, and many other activities which are used in order to provide a message that you are into the person that is next to you. And when it comes to providing a specific list of questions to text him, unfortunately we think that there are no patterns of that kind.

Don’t be too straight-forward

When using a certain flirty technique, keep in mind not to be too straight forward, besides the popular stereotype that any man will fall in love with a girl which is not obeying to certain social norms, and is behaving, as horny as the man is. This doesn’t mean that we are making an implication that any of it is true, but no matter if you are a guy or a girl in those situations, you aren’t supposed to move towards flirting all of a sudden. This will only bring more bad than good, since by that, especially if it isn’t a matter of a serious relationship, you may make the person afraid of you, and assuming that it is not the best outcome we will give you an advice to stay steel and do it with a style, smooth and smartly calculated. But however, if you are willing to have more information over flirting itself, and learn how to do it without feeling anxious, this video may help you cool the things down. But no matter what you do, keep in mind to always stay positive, friendly, and not to take the outcome for granted, especially if it is a matter of a complete stranger.


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