How to Figure Out Your Life: 10 of the Most Important Life Lessons We Can Learn from Escorts in Prague


While it may seem pretty unlikely, these women know exactly what they want out of their lives and how to get it. They know how to talk to people and really understand how to enjoy the little things. So buckle up, we bring you some of the most incredible life advice from industry sex experts: escorts in Prague.

Escorts in Prague are definitely have more than meets the eye, held within the gorgeous women lie some of the best advice to find your true happiness in life. And they were gracious enough to share those insights with us exclusively.

  1. Sex isn’t intimacy

I think that most people are confused by sex. It’s something that we were raised with, this idea that sex is a dirty thing, something that should be kept behind closed doors and only shared between two people that “really love each other”. But at the same time, “sex sells”. We see it everywhere and for everything, so it gives us all this really confusing position when it comes to what’s normal or appropriate. The truth is, sex is sex. Sometimes it’s special, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes, just the act of having a physical connection with someone for a night is good enough to sate a more primal need.

Intimacy is the the emotional side that can sometimes be associated with sex, but it’s not the act itself. It’s connecting with a person on a level that doesn’t just involve dropping your P into her V. Sex shouldn’t come with automatic emotional validation, it has to be more than just that. Even if it’s the sex that you’ve been having inside of your committed relationship for years, your ability to bang each other senseless is awesome, but it’s not intimacy.

  1. You have to listen

Intimacy comes into play when you spend time with someone who is capable of really listening to you. Any of the escorts in Prague will tell you that, more often than not, their clients need more than just an amazing night in bed. Most men want to talk, not to hear about your hopes and dreams, but really to just vent about their own.

There’s something really freeing about being able to rattle off your deepest desires, fears, anxieties, wants…. whatever, to someone that doesn’t have an agenda. They have no stake in your life, they don’t judge you or try and fix anything, they just listen, to anything that may shoot out of your mouth in the bliss of a post coidal embrace. Sometimes in life, we have to set aside our own selves and just really want to listen to what another person is telling us. And then answer all of it, not with a litany on how it all gets fixed, but with a kiss and some perfectly timed head.

  1. The right blowjob can solve (almost) every problem

Yes. It’s the truest truth known to escorts in Prague. Blowjobs can fix almost any problem. You can’t talk, they can’t think, and it’s not as pressured or demanding as sex can be. Not only that, but a good blowjob is the literal action of man being taken care of. You never have to ask if a guy wants oral sex. Because, let’s be honest- they do. Every time.

A great blowjob is the perfect way to say “hey I care about you”. It doesn’t require them to be concerned with anything that you are doing, the only thing they have to focus on is how good it feels for them. We all need selfish moments in our lives, particularly from our loved ones (and this goes both ways boys, get downtown once in awhile). Occasionally, we just need that moment, something that our significant other does for us, that is, well, entirely for us. There’s something hugely altruistic about head. It’s the best way to say to your partner that “even though I may not be getting something out of this, I know you like it, and right now, I just want to make you feel good” without saying a word. Because it never quite sounds right when you’ve got a cock in your mouth.

  1. Everyone needs someone to talk to

Everyone in this life comes with his or her own set of emotional problems. Stressers, demands, frustrations, guilt… all of it. And every single one of us needs a safe space to just vomit out all of those issues, if not just to get them off our respective chests. It’s really hard, if not impossible to talk to someone about all of these problems, if all they want to do is fix them.

The whole concept of venting is just to get shit out, without having to process how you feel about it or what your plan is. It’s like trying to formulate a plan for your next house payment while also juggling deadly snake venom coursing through your veins. Get the shit out, then try and come up with a plan.

“Most men just want someone to talk to that doesn’t know anything about them. Doesn’t know their friends or family. Someone that, once the night is over, they go away and take all of that information with them. Kinda like writing down all of your fears and then setting them on fire, only with lots and lots of incredible sex” Great for escorts in Prague, but can that work in your own life? Sure, just do as the pros do. Listen, don’t say anything, then spend the next hour working out those kinks with a little kink of your own.

  1. We all want to connect

How is it that the same girl can have many different clients, with many different tastes, and still manage to keep them all happy? Are men just that basic that all they need are perfectly crafted tits and some decent highlights to feel connected? Uhm, no.

Escorts in Prague definitely know their way around a bedroom, but they also know how to listen, adapt, and encourage an individual. They are charismatic for a reason, because if they don’t listen to what their client is saying and get a really good idea of what they want and need, then they’re not going to be making that money honey.

“It’s rare that a client comes to me and says ‘By 8:45 I’ll want you to start kissing me, softly, but not too soft, with a medium amount of tongue, followed by a handjob that starts at my knee and works its way to the last three quarters of my dick while my balls are in your mouth’ or something like that. Few people have any idea of exactly what they want, so you have to listen to what their saying, and what cues their body is giving you to find out what will be best for them.” Everyone wants to connect with someone. It’s important that you learn your partner’s language early on, and there’s no better way to learn it than by listening to it.

  1. Money isn’t everything

Money comes and goes. It may be trite but true, and if it is there’s definitely a reason, money can’t buy you happiness. Sure, it can buy you a lot  of things, but none of them will ever be the thing that makes you happy. Even when it comes to escorts in Prague. “You can be the richest man on planet earth, take me out to all the nicest restaurants and buy me great gifts, and if you’re an asshole, I’m not interested and you won’t be coming back to my call list.”

How you treat people is important, more important than the money you have, or any of the little things in your life that show off just how much money you have. In short, a rich asshole is still an asshole, and no one (can I say it again? This needs to sink in: NO ONE) wants to be treated like they are less important than you are. Treating someone like they aren’t worth your time, respect, or consideration is a fast track to getting the worst service anywhere. Whether it’s at a nice restaurant, in your marriage, or in the incredible company of escorts in Prague (or anywhere), you’re never really going to get what you want if you treat people like an afterthought.

  1. You are really good in bed

Yes! It’s absolutely true. You are good in bed. Believe that. Don’t be timid or nervous about performing, don’t worry about the size of your things. Sex should be enjoyed, and if you’re having a great time, chances are, so is everyone else.

Honestly, we understand the importance baby steps, so stick with us if that little piece of info seems overwhelming. If you can’t get yourself to stop worrying about how you look, the size of your willy, or whether or not she’s having a good time, just shift your focus to her. Stop worrying about whether or not you’re having a good time and pay attention to her good time. Just like listening is an important (and insanely difficult) thing for the ladies to do, learning to listen, and enjoy, her body language during sex is just as important. If she’s smiling (or just moaning) your work is appreciated. If her hips are smashing into yours, yep, you’ve done it right.

“Some of the best sex I ever had at work was with his short, squat, hairy guy. His penis was little, uncut, and obscured by the Schwartz Wald of all public forests. But he was so attentive, and so in tune to what my body was doing, he was able to make little adjustments- turn his hips, drag his fingers over places I didn’t even know I was begging to have touched, stuff like that- without my asking for it. it’s like he had some sort of sexual clairvoyance and it was absolutely amazing”

  1. Trust is necessary

Trust is a huge part of what escorts in Prague do in their line of work every single day. They have to trust that, for one, you’re not a serial killer, or some asshole that’s going to stiff them on the tip, but it also brings up another really great point. Just because you’ve been burnt before, doesn’t mean you’re always going to get burnt.

Almost all escorts in Prague have at least one story of a client that really screwed them over, but they also have a ton of stories where they had some of the greatest times in their lives. “Trust is really fluid. Like, if I wasn’t able to believe the best in people, and really trust that there are good people looking for my services, I would never get jobs. You can’t be suspicious of everyone and expect it all to work out, because if you tell yourself it that it won’t [work out], then it probably won’t.”

  1. Stop feeling so guilty

Leave the guilt for the professionals, like priests and mother in laws. This world can be a really depressing and ramshackle place to live in sometimes, but it’s not all your fault. Stop feeling so guilty about finding your own way and your own happiness.

As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, you are absolutely entitled to your happiness. Want a six inch dildo shoved up your ass while someone calls you Charlie? Perfect. Do that, and don’t feel bad about it. Stop tearing yourself down over things that are completely out of your control. You’re allowed to feel happiness even if there are children starving in africa.

  1. Happiness is different for everybody

Just because you enjoy something that other people don’t understand or don’t enjoy themselves, doesn’t make it wrong. Happiness looks different to every single person on this planet. It doesn’t matter where, or how you find it, but you absolutely must.

Being comfortable with yourself starts with finding what makes you happy, and owning it, whether or not it seems normal. “I’m incredibly happy [being an escort in prague]. So many people ask me why, like they can’t figure it out. I sell sex for money, isn’t that wrong, or horrible, or amoral? What about your health? I don’t understand these questions, because they always seem to come from the same people that like to say things like “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”, and I do, love what I do. I love having sex, and meeting people, and talking to people. I absolutely love it and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

So stop worrying about what everyone might think of your particular brand of happiness and just go let your freak flag fly.

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