How to introduce sex toys into your relationship


When you first enter a relationship there is a certain amount of novelty of the act of sex, well this is true in the case for some people.

This being said, many new couples will wait a couple of years before they decide to “spice” up their bedroom activities, which is not a bad thing.

One of the biggest mistakes which couples make when they spice up their sex lives is that they are not open with each other when they make a decision or don’t speak about what they are doing, which can lead to a large amount of friction between couples as nobody knows where they stand within this new experience.

What can you do to get rid of this friction?

The first step which you will need to do is to communicate.

This step may seem like a daunting task and trust us when we say that being 100% honest with your partner is no easy task, especially if you are not comfortable talking about sex and the potential use of sex toys in your relationship.

If you are able to speak to your significant other about sex and spicing up your sex life with toys, you will be able to find that your transition to sex enhancing toys and methods will be quite simple as both you and your partner will know where they stand and you will have complete trust in one another and your abilities.

Go shopping together!

Once you have had a conversation with your significant other about what you are wanting to do, the next step, go shopping together.

Before you go shopping the best thing to do is do some research into want toys you are looking for and then search online sex toy shops to find what sort of price you will be paying for an item. An example of what you will search for will something like this, “best male strokers online”, by searching something like this you will be able to find the best shops of you.

Once you have some information on what you are looking for take a trip to your local sex shop and see if you can find the items you want.

It is important to take your partner with you as if any of you have questions about certain products the store staff will be more than happy to answer any questions which you might have.

Another point is that by going shopping together you will be able to take the awkwardness out of the entire experience and turn it into a positive memory which you will be able to laugh at when you are older.

To conclude

If you are looking at spicing up your nighttime activities, it is important that you are completely open with your partner about what you are wanting to do, take the time to speak to them about what you want to achieve and then make sure that when you are shopping that you are together so that if there are any questions you can ask an expert.

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