How to Propose to a Girl — 10 Romantic and Unusual ways


It is the dream of every girl to feel loved by a man of their dreams.  Many women expect that their partner will propose to them if the relationship is heading towards settling in together. On the other hand, some men like dropping the proposal like a surprise. When the right time comes  to take the relationship to the next level, then you would want to make sure it’s a memorable one. Below are some romantic and unusual ways of proposing to your lover.

Ice cream delight

Why not take your girlfriend  out for ice cream on a Sunday afternoon.  After asking her, the first part is done. Now it’s time to execute the second part – no matter how nervous you are. The best idea is have the engagement ring hidden inside the ice cream by the café service team. Once she bites into it,  that’s when it’s right time to go down on your knees. If you are not too sure how to handle this, consult Happymatches experts.

Airport surprise

For those who are lucky enough to date girls who travel a lot, then you can surprise her when she calls you to pick her up. This idea is excellent, since she would least expect it at this time. You do not need anybody  to help you. All you need to do is to go down on your knees as she approaches you at the airport arrivals hall. The crowd around you will definitely cheer and clap when she says yes.

Romantic getaway

Such treats may be common to some couples and they may already mean a lot to you. You could  plan one in a serene, tranquil and romantic place specifically for the proposal. Tell her that you will be going out for a weekend to a lovely place. Carry the ring or the written love note in a secret place where she will not accidentally see it. If you will be spending a couple of days here, wait for the second evening when you are settled in and tell her how you feel during dinner.

Live show surprise

Take your girlfriend out to a live concert and request the MC or the coordinator to set aside and give you a minute or two at some point during the show. In most places, they support people who want to surprise their partners and they will rarely say no. When given a chance, be sure to boldly tell her what you want and present a ring with  the whole audience as a witness.

During her birthday

Your girl will be expecting a birthday treat from you and it will be unlikely to register  in her mind that you want to propose. If you are throwing a party , decorate it as normal but plan to propose to her when it is your turn to give a gift. There is no better gift you will give than telling her how you feel and presenting the ring.


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