In The Road of Pleasure: The New Camsex Options


The life of a couple is not a long calm river. But by making some concessions, we get there. The point where it gets really bad is when you’re miles away from each other. What if virtual sex was the solution? The editor shares with you the 10 commandments to master camsex.

Maybe you have lived or live a relationship at a distance. Love may be there, but you are still human and have sexual needs. Same fight on his side. Granted, the reunion is only torrid once you end up, but in the meantime it’s really frustrating. You can murmur naughty words on the phone, it does not change much. Fortunately, new technologies take care of your sexuality. Follow our guide to the perfect virtual sex, to reach ecstasy quickly and without constraint. In the MyTrannyCams your fun world will open.

How to practice camsex?

Before you go headlong and get out your panoply sexy lady, be sure to respect some basic rules. The first is not to make this embarrassing moment by not acting naturally. Once you are connected, let your imagination speak and enjoy the moment.

Of course you will act

It is easier said than done. Try to forget that you are facing a screen, and focus on your darling. Close your eyes as he speaks to you to try and feel better. A tip, before you plant in front of your computer in the simplest device, considers wearing a glamorous and seductive adornment. It’s not because he’s not really here that you have to skip the preliminary box. Slide “innocently” a bra strap, you’ll see, his imagination like yours will not be long in warming up.

Your imagination

One of the advantages of virtual sex is that your imagination is not curbed. Sometimes in front of your lover, you find yourself stuck without daring to confess all your desires. Having a good fingering is advisable, but handling the art of words is essential. Skeptical? Have you ever wanted to see a movie from his teaser, and then to be disappointed after seeing it? Well for sex it’s the same. How many times have you been excited by raw words or crispy details, while at the time the guy did not insure a kopeck? Camsex will allow you to develop your imagination and let your fantasies speak.

Taming Body

To reach orgasm, it is necessary to know one’s body. Dare to discover your erogenous zones? For this masturbation is your best ally. While your partner tells you his fantasies, listen carefully and do not hesitate to caress you. You will have the impression of being with him, and of taking your foot at the same time as him.

The sextoys

Sex toys can also become one of your best allies to reach seventh heaven. You can easily include them in your hug session to excite your darling.

Technology will dominate

New technologies in MyTrannyCams are not always easy to use, but they can quickly become an asset. In one click, you are ready to act with your dear and tender. They put a brake on the distance that separates you. Some applications allow facilitating your virtual pleasure.

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