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We live in a world which is evolving at the speed of light and there’s hardly anyone who wants to stay back and not catch up with its pace. From technology to infrastructure, it’s all a big game of super paced modern development, and along with this, the age-old practices like making effort to meet someone for a casual social outing or perhaps a sexual encounter is seemingly out of the window. What we now have is a hassle-free technology backed system which eliminates the need to put in any effort and connects two individuals who are trying to spice up their time in the secure environment like their homes and with a suitable partner. This is where services like Leolist, W4M Maps, Backpage come into the picture.

What exactly does leolist do?

Leolist is generally addressed as Canada’s classifieds site but strangely enough, it doesn’t talk about furniture, household stuff or everyday services. The tab titled as “Personal” has a tag named “Casual Dating” which makes it pretty evident that it is all about making two individuals meet up for a sexual encounter or perhaps a no strings attached relationship. More into it, and it would be clear that it also becomes a platform to people who want to advertise themselves to their potential clients. It can be called as a one-stop solution for companionship for someone who isn’t really keen on running the relationship machine.

What exactly is the issue about it?

If one looks into how these casual sexual encounter services work, it seems more like the elimination of the middlemen who act as a point of contact and substitute it with the technology-based platform to connect the ones who need companionship and the ones ready to provide their service. Generally, it seems secure as it happens within the vicinity of one’s own environment and that’s probably the reason for its wide popularity in the western countries. It not only provides privacy and security but also makes sure that the whole system is hassle free without the indulgence of the third person.

Now when everything seems fine on the surface, there have been instances where these casual encounter services have caught the attention of the investigation departments wherein the people who often provide services over the platform seem to have indulged in trafficking and pushing in people forcefully, making them sex workers for the potential clients. This is the reason why services like these are widely seeing a downhill because the whole system of connecting two individuals to satisfy their desires is turning into a crime web wherein innocents are made to bear the burn.

How to address the issue?

The only way these kinds of services could continue to work on is by making sure that the onboarding is done with proper verification of local ID and getting the consent of people willing to exhibit their services on their platform. Only then will issues like trafficking or forceful indulgence in sex would see an end.


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