Some Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Stripper


In today’s modern lifestyle, when schedules become hectic, partying is the easiest and most appealing means of relaxation and enjoyment. People find some time off work to socialize and destress from work. It’s important for people to relax their minds and rejuvenate. Hen and stag parties can be a relaxing event in anyone’s life. In these events, the most popular attraction is the strippers for parties.

These strippers are highly in demand, and they are sought after by anyone who wants to have amusement and entertainment. Strippers can be hired and asked to perform in your home or hotel. You may also opt to have it in the strip club or a bar where she works.

Where to Go

You may opt to hold the dancing at the strip club or the hotel room. The club may have other customers in it, giving you less privacy. The ambiance may be nicer with all the lights and alcohol available, but you may also need to spend more on the drinks. This is especially true when you’re seated near the stage. You have to tip the performer for every dance. Everyone in your group must also tip the dancer. One more thing is that you do need to drive to the location, making you spend more on travel expense.

When you invite the stripper to your venue, the dancer can focus more on the party. You also eliminate the problem of drunk driving and spending too much on alcohol. It’s also possible for you to choose the time for the stripper to perform to ensure that everyone can witness it.

Where to Find Them

You can find these professional strippers from different sources such as the yellow pages, escort agencies, and the internet. Make sure you meet her in person first before you hire her. Don’t depend on online images only.


Before you make up your mind on a particular stripper or strippers, make sure that their rates are within your budget. Remember that you may also need to include the extra charges for additional services and extra drinks for everyone.

Other Elements to Check

Check the terms of the contract to know what they are allowed to do and what are not allowed. You may also need to choose the particular music to accompany their dancing. This will make sure that the show will be to everyone’s enjoyment. You may also inquire about the items and costumes that can be used in the show. Don’t forget to give the dancers the directions to your place.

It may also be necessary for you to ask the groom if he likes lap dancing for his stag party. When he says yes, it’s also important to ask the stripper if it’s a service she does or not. There are times when the fiancée does not agree to the arrangement of including lap dancing in the celebration. The last thing you want to do is to ruin the engagement.


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