The chastity belt: where does it come from?


Literature traced the origin of the chastity belt in the Middle Ages. A chastity tool aimed at preventing adultery and making masturbation impossible, among other functions, the chastity belt feeds many fantasies. Today, she is mainly a privileged accessory in the exercise of certain BDSM practices.

Belt of chastity: myth or reality?

Many literary sources refer to it since the Middle Ages, but has the chastity belt existed?

Many images of chastity belts more or less elaborate feed the web and specialized publications. At the base, it is metal equipment which consists of a belt padlocked around the waist, and on which is fixed a plate passed between the legs and intended to cover the genital orifices while allowing to satisfy the natural needs.

No evidence of the use of chastity belts in the Middle Ages

The Crusaders going to war would have equipped their wives with chastity belts to ensure their fidelity, yet no tangible proof of this collective fantasy. This cumbersome metal equipment, very primary in its initial vocation, would have posed important hygiene issues, beyond its very machismo connotation and its reducing role concerning women. And even as far back as the Middle Ages, it seems that men have not succumbed to the use of a metal chastity belt with a padlock. Unlike the fetishistic objects widely used in BDSM practices today, this tool of innocence would have been only a metaphor, and its surviving traces as an object of curiosity would be the fruit of the fantasy of their designers.

Nevertheless, some ancestral graphic representations illustrate the use of a system aiming, other than to ensure the fidelity of the wife, to express in public her attachment to the other. These accessories were materialized by more romantic objects, such as scarves attached to the waist or a knot made on a garment as a mark of the marital link.

But what good is the chastity belt in its original design?

Several functions are attributed to it, beyond its basic vocation to forbid all forms of sexual intercourse. The chastity belt prohibits adultery but also prevents rape. By blocking access to the genital orifices, this ancestral mystical tool is also an obstacle to masturbation – beyond making impossible any form of relationship: cunnilingus, penetration or anal sex. A fantasized object, the chastity belt would also be a means of contraception or a way to make sure to remain virgin until marriage.

Today’s chastity belt participates in BDSM domination and submission games.

By forbidding access to sexual openings, the chastity belt is nowadays a very used tool to raise the desire of the partners SM.

The chastity belt in BDSM practices

chastity belt removal

Couples who practice sadomasochism sometimes turn to a form of SM reports known as BDSM, for Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-Masochism. The purpose of this practice is to use submission and pain, in a framework of free and mutual consent, to satisfy fantasies, stimulate sexual desire and increase pleasure.

In this context, the use of a chastity belt is widely acclaimed. This accessory allows a partner to submit the other not only by forcing him to wear the equipment of his choice but also by becoming the master of sexual intercourse to the extent that he holds the key to the belt. These elements favour the context of dominance, humiliation and discipline sought by the followers of BDSM. The chastity belt also makes it possible to increase the desire of the partners: by blocking the access to the sexual ways, the lovers have a passion for sex all the more critical.

To satisfy the expectations of lovers who use BDSM games to spice up their sexuality and fulfil their fantasies, the chastity belt as it is represented in minds exists in commerce. It is for the use of both men and women.

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