Hedonism certainly is a tricky concept. Not everyone is ok with, and by the other hand, there are also lot of people that are totally ok with hedonism and that like to follow the way of life that hedonism runs, and this people normally have a good reason to do it. After all, hedonism is a philosophical way of thinking and living, and as it happens in very philosophical way of thinking and being, the people that follow it have a great reason to do it and we are going to tell you why hedonism could be good.


Of Course, first of all it is of great importance to clarify the concept regarding hedonism for all the readers to understand deeply exactly what we are talking about. Hedonism, basically, is the believe that all that you need in your life is pleasure. Now, it is very important to say again that this is all about a philosophical way of thinking and being and that when we talk about pleasure we are not just referring to sexual pleasure or party call-girls but to all kinds of pleasure. For example, the pleasure of eating a whole pizza even though you end up completely full. Even that is pleasure.

The thing about hedonism is that hedonist people think that you must not do anything that does not give you pleasure. Your life must turn around pleasure every time. If you do something not for pleasure but for other reasons, then you are acting in a very wrong way. This is the problem, it doesn’t matter if you made a promise or if you have something important to do, it will be wrong if you don’t do it for pleasure.


This question is not a very easy one to answer because it really depends on many things. But it mostly depends on the level. Now, you must be asking yourself what do we mean by levels of hedonism and that is a very simple answer. To be completely hedonist is not very healthy for developing a normal life because it could turn really complicated to do everything just for pleasure.  You could even be without job and many things in your life by being entirely hedonist.

But, by the other hand, just to be a little bit hedonist results to be very healthy for human life since we cannot live without pleasure. We do need pleasure in our lives. Ok, again, pleasure is not everything in life but it is good to pleasure ourselves from time to time. Maybe to go on a trip, or to have sex with someone you like a lot, eat something delicious (maybe a burger or a pizza), to go drinking until you get drunk, to fall in love or just simply to do something that you like a lot. There are a lot of things that are worthy to enjoy in life!!! You just have to go out and try to do them in order to add a little pleasure to your existence.

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